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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The women who sleep with a stranger to save their marriage

Farah - not her genuine name - met her significant other in the wake of being acquainted with him by a family companion when she was in her 20s. They had kids together soon a while later however then, Farah says, the manhandle started.

"He dragged me by my hair through two rooms and attempted to toss me out of the house. There would be times where he would simply go insane."

In spite of the mishandle, Farah trusted things would change. Her significant other's conduct however turned out to be progressively whimsical - prompting him "separating" her by means of instant message.

"I was at home with the youngsters and he was grinding away. Amid a warmed examination he sent me a content saying, 'talaq, talaq, talaq'."

"Triple talaq" - where a man says "talaq", or separation, to his better half three times in succession - is a practice which a few Muslims trust closes an Islamic marriage right away. Read more:-International Database

It is restricted in most Muslim nations yet at the same time happens, however it is difficult to know precisely what number of ladies are "separated" like this in the UK.

"I had my telephone on me," Farah clarifies, "and I just disregarded it to my father. He resembled, 'Your marriage is over, you can't backpedal to him.'"

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Polls show Trump with historically low approval ratings

Donald Trump will be sworn in as president in three days, but polls on the eve of his inauguration show Trump is earning historically low marks for his transition.

Trump’s poor poll numbers — ranging from personal favorability to ratings of his performance as president-elect to negative views of some of his major policy initiatives — stand in sharp contrast to the Republican-dominated Washington that would enable the real estate magnate to enact large parts of his agenda after he takes the oath of office on Friday.

The new surveys from CNN/ORC, ABC News/Washington Post and Monmouth University, all released Tuesday morning, are also a major break from recent presidential transitions. Past presidents-elect have been catapulted to the White House by a surge of popular opinion —even those elected under contentious and controversial circumstances.

But any post-victory bounce for Trump has been fleeting. In both the CNN/ORC and ABC News/Washington Post polls, majorities of Americans view Trump unfavorably — and also disapprove of the way in which Trump has built his incoming administration.